Our approach

We provide tailor-made solutions for your business cards efficiency. By working directly with different financial institutions, registers, regulators, payment networks, banks, and consumer wallets, we re-establish your money flow system. Your money can move globally with our PSP network partners. While we are creating unique payment solutions, you can set up your main business processes.

Payment support

payment support

Acquiring consultancy

acquiring consultancy

Network Setting up

network setting up

Make your payments global with Office8!
We provide powerful APIs and software solutions for you to capture more revenue. Your money goes through tokenized digital wallets while you manage it all in one place.

So start thinking globally, and run acquiring for your business with Office8. We are here to set up all the processes for you.

Why Office8?

Our main purpose is to simplify your business routine by implementing tailor-made solutions in your company daily life. We learn from working with customers all around the world. The size of your business doesn’t matter – Office8’s solutions are designed on an individual approach. Office8 provides corporate, banking, cryptocurrency solutions on demand for the rapid growth of your business.

With Office8's expertise, you can focus on developing your business, while we take care of the details.

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What People say about our company

Things that matter for us!

What People say about our company

Things that matter for us!

How to establish a stable acquiring system for an international company? Office8 has built a great strategy for my business promptly and it worked. Many thanks to you from our team.

Devon Lane Devon Lane

Thanks to Office8, we are tokenizing our finances, and it’s totally worth it. Now I know what it is to take risks and make professionals deal with it.

Megan Hawkins Megan Hawkins

Office8 has provided me with the complete package of services to set-up and maintain my company that allowed me to focus on my work. They saved me so much time and effort!

Kathryn Murphy Kathryn Murphy

Office8 helped me to make sure that my company was compliant with EU legislation. Their solid advice will support your major business decisions.

Darell Steward Darrell Steward

I was leading the direction of the finance transformation at my company. Our task was simple – to make processes more efficient. We contacted Office8 to support us, which has become just the beginning of our financial evolution.

Alison Flores Alison Flores

Before cooperating with Office8 we didn’t even realize what cryptocurrency and trading were. With their experience, our business has a chance to break new ground, as crypto is the future.

Michel Strend Michel Strend